Believe that many people have heard of the christian louboutin outlet little red bottom high heels, Christian Louboutin, it makes Hollywood stars for its fascination, Angelina jolie or putting Victoria, and so on are fascinated. In detail the pursue is perfect, it is very strict, will be half of the sand. And today, christian louboutin outlet store scarlet sole has become the ultimate luxury a branded shoes, Christian Louboutin shoes for women, like a drug that cannot replace.

Mr Christian Louboutin found shoes beauty christian louboutin outlet store online  at the age of 13. When Paris in the recovery period, small Christian can not resist the lure of the world, every day he clubs, see performing dancer on the stage, the dream of high heels, "for the dancing girls, the shoes is one of the most important, should not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can let people noticed at first sight. I at that time, the idea is very simple, christian louboutin outlet online is to let the girls put on my make, than their feet more comfortable and beautiful shoes."

At the age of 16, the life of Christian christian louboutin outlet online store made a first pair of shoes, but the big trouble, under the referral of a friend, he came to the Follies and Charles's apprenticeship, creative talent + + confidence that he successively in the Chanel as a freelancer, YSL, independent of the cobbler.

Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes to launch a christian louboutin outlet limited high-heeled shoes, this pair of shoes to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) christian louboutin outlet store film starring the "sleeping curse" for inspiration, to the characters Marlene Phillip (Maleficent) name

Early in May this year propaganda "sleeping curse", Angelina jolie is wearing a custom version of red bottom shoes through the red carpet. These shoes by christian louboutin outlet store online  red bottom shoes supremo designed, there are black, white, gold and red four colors to choose from, priced at $1600 (RMB 9852). Impose wedge heel horn christian louboutin outlet online decoration, forepart impose a halftone, decoration, luxury expensive gas. At present the limited high heels are available at five stores in the whole world, only the income will be donated all SOS Children 's Village Children's fund.

Designer Christian louboutin said Angelina villain in "sleeping curse" gave him a lot of inspiration, he thinks that the film's visual perception and the character's personality is very strong,christian louboutin outlet online store  the design had a great influence on him. When he was in cooperation with Angelina jolie Angelina's own temperament and charm conquered.

French fashion brands Celine (Celine) 2014 chun christian louboutin outlet  xia series has a few different heels, trapezoidal, cuboid, and the spherical with women's shoes on the front, let a person have a kind of don't know for what sense of visual impact. This design is complicated and ridiculous, but it is also a lot of people have never seen a shoes. At this point, Celine 2014 new alien with high-heeled shoes is synonymous with unique and individual character. Put on it will christian louboutin outlet store  make you particularly distinctive, easy to spin fashion, become a fashion leader!

Black and white stripes, and various christian louboutin outlet store online wave point pattern, is the best interpretation of pure. The send British designer for you Sophia Webster High Summer shoe money of 2014 series. The color of the lovable believe has received a lot of girl's heart. The entire series includes low high heel shoe money, christian louboutin outlet online whether small lovely lady dress collocation, or formal shirts and pants can easily become the focus in the crowd.

Sophia Webster2014 in spring and summer series has a new elegant patent leather high heels, followed by the beautiful butterfly wings as adornment, look lifelike, look very romantic.christian louboutin outlet online store  Especially when they are walking, butterfly wings is had had, very attractive! The designer shoes has a sweet pink, chic blue, bright metal silver and classic black, like the children's children should act quickly oh